Family Operated

We are a family at Buck Nut. 

Proven Products

We provide hunter-tested products. 

Dedication to Service

We  serve our customers. 

Our Story

Buck Nut was founded in 2010 as a deer scent company by an old classmate of mine. A couple years later, I made my first attempt at buying Buck Nut from him, with no luck. Over time, the company lost its focus on game scents, straying toward more general outdoors retailer territory. Unfortunately for Buck Nut, the more it strayed from its roots, the more the business struggled.

That’s where my family and I come in. Shortly before Christmas of 2019, I heard Buck Nut was for sale, and I immediately called the owner. Before long, we’d made a deal, and I bought the company a decade after my first attempt.

My expertise lay in hunting and outdoorsmanship. For my work at Buck Nut, that meant producing excellent game scents that my family and I could proudly use ourselves (which we do, at our family-owned-and-operated Buffalo Creek Outfitters).

So, we took Buck Nut back to the basics, refocusing the company on game scents. Our goal was and is the high quality of our products, not the quantity. 

All of our scents are produced by hand. My family and I mix and measure the ingredients and fill, seal, and label the bottles ourselves. And all of this means our customers have true quality assurance. I know exactly what’s going into that bottle; I know it’s game scent I’d use myself.

We could move to automated manufacturing, but I’m not interested in that. I know that carries the risk of driving product quality down. So, as long as we’re able to keep up with demand, we’ll be hand-producing Buck Nut’s game scents.

Everything else aside, we want to be sure you, the customers, are getting excellent products that make us worth a return visit. We hope you have a great experience buying and using Buck Nut game scents. Happy hunting! 

- Jonathan Kassnove
Owner of Buck Nut Game Scents